Welcome to the Hazel & Owen Currier Doll Museum,

One of the Few Museums in New England Exclusively for Dolls

Hazel Currier, and elderly woman with white hair and a cane, stands to the left the sign for the Doll Museum.

Hazel Currier visits the Doll Museum

The Currier Doll Museum is a unique collaboration between a private donor, the Fryeburg Historical Society and the town of Fryeburg, Maine. Ninety-one year old Hazel Currier began collecting dolls in 1970. By the autumn of 2015 her collection exceeded 10,000 dolls and they needed a new home. She approached the Historical Society about donating the dolls and we accepted her collection with the promise of establishing a museum. The Museum and collection now reside in the historic Fryeburg Town House built in 1847 and located at 103 Lovell Road.


A visit to the Currier Doll Museum, with antique furniture and vintage dresses on loan from the Historical Society, is a unique experience. We have something for everyone!

Please see this page to arrange a tour.